Frequently Asked Questions

Board Meeting FAQs

When Does the Board Meet?

The Board meets approximately every 6 to 8 weeks


How Many Hours a Week Must AIT Be?

AIT must be 40 hours a week during main business hours Monday through Friday (ie. 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm).

Are AITs Paid?

Most AITs are unpaid positions.

Can AITs Hold Part-Time Jobs?

AITs can hold down flexible part-time jobs NOT during the 40 hour AIT time.

When Can I Apply for the State or National Exam?

You cannot apply for the State or National Exam until you are within 30 days of finishing the training portion of the AIT Program.

Who Provides the Preceptor?

Future AITs must find their own Preceptor.

Reciprocity/Endorsement FAQs

Do I Need an Active License to Apply?

Reciprocity/Endorsement applicants must have a current active license in the state from which they are coming from

Is the North Carolina State Exam Required?

Every Reciprocity/Endorsement applicants MUST take and pass the North Carolina State Exam.

Where Must Applicants have their Personal Interview?

All Reciprocity/Endorsement applicants must have a personal interview with the Board at a given Board Meeting.

What Should I Study for the State Exam?

State Exam Study Materials: The Rules and Statutes for the Licensing of Nursing Home Administrators and Rules Governing the Licensure of Nursing Homes (go to and do an Administrative Code Search Online and look for Title 10A, Chapter 13, Subchapter D)

Is There a Practice Test for the State Exam?

There is no practice test for the State Exam.

Temporary License FAQs

When is a Temporary License Issued?

A Temporary License is issued to an applicant based on a Facility’s need. It is not issued to an individual.

Does a Temporary License Qualify an Applicant for a Full License?

By getting a Temporary License it does NOT in any way enable an applicant to qualify for a Full License.

Is the Temporary License Process Similar to other Licensure Processes?

The Temporary License Process is totally separate and apart from any other licensure process.

When is a Temporary License Issued?

Temporary License is issued from Board Meeting to Board Meeting

Is There a Practice Test for the State Exam?

A Temporary License can only be issued for up to a total of six months.

Renewals FAQs

How Many Hours Do I Need to Renew?

You must have 30 hours of Continuing Education to Renew your license.

When Does the License Renew?

All licenses renew September 30th in an odd or even year.

When is the Initial License Due?

Your first Initial License comes due the 2nd September 30th after issuance.

How Often Can I have 10 Hours of Self-Study Courses?

You can only have 10 hours of NAB/NCERS approved Self-Study Courses every two years.